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Petworth Polish Camp Pic-nic 12th August 2018 

So we all decided we would meet at the site of the Camp and bring a Polish food pic-nic. Miles Costello the Author of the Petworth Past Facebook Site was invited because of the help he was giving us, and the general interest he was taking in bringing the Petworth Polish Camp to the attention of everyone in his Facebook page and his Petworth Past magazine. Well it was a master stroke asking him along because it rained, not hard enough to stop us meeting but it would have made the Picnic a miserable affair. Miles is a keyholder of the Community Hall at Hampers Green, so he arranged for us to have our picnic in the dry. Thank you Miles, we are all getting on a bit in life and sitting on wet grass in the Park would have been difficult. 
Now I know that several of us took photos, indeed I took a few which I am showing below. However I didn't get any at the Community Hall so if you have some photos please let me have them so that we can display them together with mine. I did ask for photos some while ago but have not received any to date. 21 February
This is the group assebled near the car park on the Northchapel road. From left to right: Zoe Keane nee. Dulas, her husband Mike, Stasha Martin nee Starzec, Krystyna Saunders nee Krawczuk, Roger Martin, Julia Janiec, Ziggi Janiec, Lydia Gardner nee Stefanska, Tina Starzec and me Ryszard Starzec.
Smaller group joined by Paul Gardner third from left and Miles Costello far right,
Some of the party making their way down to where the Nissen Huts were located.
This photo is taken from where the Huts were located. The North end of the Lower Pond (also know as the Polish Lake) which was the southern edge of the settlement can be seen just behind the trees.
The following photos are from Stasha Martin
The group assembling under a tree.
View from the car park down to where the camp was with Lower Pond in the distance.
Below. Lydia in reflective mood.
Below right. The group assembling at Hampers Green Community Centre.
IMG-20180813-WA0003 (1).jpg
Julia and Krystyna Hilsdon with Ziggi, making notes for his story line for Miles Costello. Miles has published several personal stories in his Petworth Society magazine.
In the foreground left to right, Lydia Gardner her sister Krystyna Saunders and Krystyna Martin.
Left to right Paul Gardner Lydia's son, Lydia wiyh Julia and Ziggi Janiec.
Krystyna Martin, Zoe and Mike Keane.
Plenty of choices from the buffet.
Tina says "Krystyna looks horrified at how much butter I am putting on my bread".
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