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I first published this website on the 28th of August 2017. The original material was supplied by the people who attended the first Garden lunch hosted by Krystyna Saunders (nee Krawczuk) and her husband Peter, they were the inspiration to what this website developed into. After a while  people all over the world were discovering it and were getting in touch with me through our "Contact Us" tab where there is an enquiry form. This has led to new content being supplied. Sometimes it deviates from the Petworth Polish Camp theme, but it is great to hear where the Polish Camp Kids have ended up and brought up their families. My only regret is that we didn't start this work sooner because we could have saved stories from our parents who would have known so much more than we did. Our mission is to keep this information in a safe place where everyone can access it.
We thank the staff of Petworth House, part of The National Trust who have kindly put a link to our website on their website. The Camp was located in the grounds of Petworth House known as Petworth Park Designed and built by Capability Brown, and forms part of the history of this beautiful Market Town of Petworth.  Here is the link on the Petworth House website.

We also thank The Petworth Society, and the Facebook pages of Petworth Past whose editor Miles Costello did so much in the early days to get us established. 

As The news page was getting rather long I am going to split it into time zones to make it easier to find information without having to trawl through the whole page. Keep watching to see the progress. The original News page is now called "News to 2021"
New communications in 2022 will be on that new page in this section.

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