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Krzysztof Jankowski's Grandfather Stanislaw Wiatr.

Dear Ryszard,

As promised I'm sending some photos of my Grandfather, Stanisław Wiatr, who may have lived or maybe only visited the Petworth camp in 1948. He has authenticated the photos by writing on the back of one of them

Photos 1 and 2 were taken 26th of August 1948, while photo 3 was made 11th of April 1948 (as you can see on the back of it ).

My Grandfather was born in Krzemieniec (today Ukraine). He was a policeman in Mejszagoła (today Lithuania) when Soviets  began to occupy that area in 1939.He was sent to Siberia . When Gen. Anders began to build a Polish Army my Grandfather joined him. Grandpa walked the entire combat trail, fighting in Africa and Europe (Monte Cassino). After the War he stayed in UK. I know that in the 60's he was living in Long Marston camp where my Grandma joined him in 1963 (after a long battle for permission to leave Poland). My Grandpa died in 1965 and he was buried in the Blockley cemetery.

It's a pity that there is practically nobody who could add someting to this story.

Best regards


At this time we have no further information about the photos but I believe them to be at the Eastern side of Lower pond

Petworth 1.bmp
Photo 1
These photos have been authenticated by Stanislaw Wiatr, I recognise the structure he is sitting on as I remember swimming in the enclosure it created, and I also remember the older Children diving off the wall. 
Photo 2
Similar to photo 1 but showing a different array of buildings behind and the line of trees on the Eastern side of Lower Pond.
Petworth 2.bmp
Petworth 3.bmp
Photo 3
Same location, this one has the script on the back which is shown in Photo 4 below.
Photo 4
This is the script on the back of photo 3, it tells us the people are Karol Masłowski, Hela Jasieńska and Stanislaw Wiatr.
Petworth 3b.bmp
Screenshot Stanislaw Wiatr
Photo 5
This is a screen shot from Polish Graves in Blockley Cemetary's website showing that Krzysztof's Grandfather was buried there. I hope they don't mind me showing it.     Grave reference B65
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