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To become part of the Team you need to have lived at the Petworth Polish Camp or have access to photographs that your parents have left. Family stories would be welcomed. The idea is to leave something for the archives of Petworth, up to now there is very little information available. All photographs will be looked after and returned to you unharmed once they have been scanned. If you feel that you can contribute to this project please send a email to me on the contact page at the back of this website.

This website was born during a lunchtime gathering of Kids from the Camp at the home of Krystyna and Peter Saunders.

THE LUNCH Thanks to Krystyna & Peter Saunders for hosting the lunch and inspiring this project.
Former residents of the Polish Camp.
The whole group minus Peter Saunders. He took the photo.
Stasha and Ziggi

From left to right maiden names only at this stage.

Me, Ryszard Starzec: Lydia Stefańska: Stasha Starzec: Krystyna Krawczuk: Zygmund Janiec: Seated Pani Hela Krawczuk. 

Left to right: Darren Carver : Martha Gardner holding her son Reuben Paul Gardner: Lydia Gardner: Stasha Martin: Roger Martin: Krystyna Saunders: Ziggi Janiec: Tina Starzec: Julia Janiec: Ryszard Starzec: Front row: Tonya Carver: Helena Krawczuk (Stefanska) nee Turek.

Ziggi was the first to supply a story followed by Krystyna Szczotka who supplied photos only. From them I was able to add text and make her page up. Krystyna Saunders supplied both, and Stasha Martin did the same. I have been asked if stories without photos will be accepted, and yes they will but photos do enhance the readability of them, so please get photos if you can. All contributions will be listed.

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