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Just received this message from the Contact Page on our website.

Lech and Daniela (Krajewska) Gacek just submitted your form: Contact on petworth-polish-camp

Subject: Brings back memories

Message Details:

Your name: Lech and Daniela (Krajewska) Gacek

Message: Just found your website. My wife (Daniela Krajewska, daughter of Stefan Krajewski - hut #48) and I (Lech) lived at this DP camp back in 1948. We found each other in the USA in 1976 and have been together (in blissful marriage) ever since. Thank you for the memories.


Hi Lech and Daniela

Nice to hear from you. I will put your message on our news page for 2022. I have't done much on the website since I lost my wife in January this year.

I am getting old, and am in the process of trying to make the website accessible after my departure. So pleased that you found it.

Best regards

Ryszard Starzec

Ryszard Starzec,


First of all, we offer our condolences for your loss and thank you for your prompt reply.  The search that brought me to your website started with my desire to find my father's rank when he was in the Polish Second Corps during World War II.  He was attached to General Anders' staff throughout the Italian campaign.  Eventually I found your website for the Petworth DP camp.  My father (Franciszek) and mother (Bronia) stayed in the military after the war and were part of the team that helped to get all the Polish dependents out of Palestine after the hostilities ended.  We did not get to England until 1948 and we left for the United States in 1952.


Once again, thank you for the website.


Lech Gacek

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