The Turek Story

This is not a typical story because the photos are supplied by Lynda Elder, nee Turek, and her sister Vanessa Cordingley who are too young to remember details of life in the camp, so have not supplied any text. I do recognise a few of the people in some of the photos. I would therefore request that any of the Polish Camp Kids who are older and have supplied their own stories could study the photos and tell me if they can recognose any people and give explanations to the photos.

The photo above shows Mr Ignacy Turek centre front with the hat and regulation cigarette in hand. This looks like some kind of working party or group job seekers. If any of you recognise any of the men in this photo please send me an email or contact me through the contacts us page.  Lets help the girls fill in the gaps. Mr Turek's son Bolesław is the father of Lynda, Vanessa, Peter and Anthony. Bolesław is the brother of Pani Helena who is the mother of Lydia Stafanska and Krystyna Saunders. Bogdan Teszner from the USA has sent a message which is on the News page, identifying his father Adam Teszner as the tall man behind Ignacy Turek in the back row.

Ignacy Turek with his wife Regina, standing in front of their Nissen Hut number 50. The younger lady in the right hand photo is Olive Turek wife of Bolesław and mother of Lynda, Vanessa, Peter and Anthony.

On the left

Mrs. ReginaTurek with her grandaughter Lynda Elder nee Turek

On the right.

Bolesław Turek on his Motorbike.

On left

This is Bolesław Turek with Petworth House in the background?

On the right.

Left to right.

Lydia Stefanska, Helena Krawczuk, Olive Turek,  Krystyna Krawczuk

On left

Wiktor and Beryl Kolp


Who are these guys? The message on the back translated is  "Dear Resio I am sending you my son Stasiu from my first husband. The one who is sitting is second" Need help with last four words. perhaps Stasha Martin can help, I can't read them.



Bolesław is on the left.






I recognise Jozef Kopiec and his wife Janka nee Czarnopolska on the left in the back row. Need some help with the others.

This is the wedding of Ben Romasz & Brunii Jurek before they emigrated to the USA. Kostek Krawczuk is second from right in the back row with Helena on his right hand side, on is left is Mike Jurek the Bride's brother. Back row second from left is Weronika Romasz.








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