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Helena Plater's (nee Szczotka) Story

Helena Plater is Krystyna Jones's sister, and has supplied some corrections to her sisters story, because I created it from memory. I was only 7 years old when I left the Camp in 1957

Krys' christening, Petworth nissen hut_e

I remember very little of the camp as we moved to Eastleigh in 1956 so cannot provide any stories, just a few photos.

This is Krystyna Szczotka's Chistening.
The lady holding the child on the left is Mrs Zając. Next to her holdind Elzbieta is Helena's Father Jozef. In the front row holding Krystyna is Stanisława Helena's mother. Mrs Kusy is next to them. As usual
there is a giid supply of Polish Vodka on the table. 

Helena christening – can’t remember the names of my godparents. 

Stanislawa Szczotka with Krystyna on left and Elzbieta.

This is either a Catholic First Holy Communion or Baptism

Elzbieta Szczotka is 3rd from left.  Krystyna Szczotka is 6th from left.

A wedding not sure who's it is.

Stanislawa Szczotka is front row 2nd from left with Helena on floor in front of her. 

Jozef Szczotka is front row centre holding Krystyna, and Elzbieta to the left of them.

Petworth hut (H is baby on LHS)_edited.j

Szczotka siblings keeping cool 1955 – Elzbieta, Helena, Stanisław (Stan) and Krystyna.

This is most likely to be a Catholic Confirmation Ceremony Elzbieta Szczotka in centre. The Father is Father Bystry and the girl to the right is my younger sister Krystyna Starzec. Not sure who the other two children are.

From left to right, Mr Dulas, Jozef Szczotka, Mrs Szczotka, Young girl not sure who she is. Mrs. Dulas and I am not sure who the chap on the right is. 

This is Jozef Szczotka's Riley car, cant see inside but the girl on the running board is Krystyna Szczotka and the girl with one foot on the running board is her elder sister Elzbieta. Mr Szczotka often took my family out to see family friends before my Dad Jozef Starzec got his driving licence and his own vehicle. Mr Szczotka later changed his car for a Humber Hawk which was massive and meant that he could take more people on outings.

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