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Jan Czarnopolski

I like this story, Jan first contacted us on 5th February 2018 and is the first entry in our News Page. Now he has contacted us again saying that he is looking for a home in the Petworth area, hopefully he will be able to meet us all when Covid 19 restrictions permit us to hold meetings again. He sent us three photos and a message which I have copied below.
Petworth House 
Petworth House.jpg
Lower Pond viewed from Petworth House direction
View of PPC .jpg
Jans Dog.jpg

Hi Ryszard and all 
After living all my life in London, I am finally moving out. Have been looking at properties around Petworth, have so many childhood memories staying with my Grandparents in school holidays and weekends in Plaistow and of course visiting Petworth Park. Also both Babcia & Dziadek are buried in Petworth. I have always driven down and walked my dog in Plaistow, Dunsfold & Petworth on weekends, so rather than just visiting, I have made the decision to live here.
I was viewing a couple of properties over the weekend and took some pictures when I walked in the Park afterwards. I have attached 3, one looking down on where the camp used to be with Lower pond in the background, one of Petworth House and one on my dog Neo sitting in front of the dog statue in Upper Pond, thought I would share as might bring back memories for some.
As said, I have often walked here, and is quite surreal knowing my father lived & played here as a child before moving to Plaistow.

Have a lovely day all, Jan Czarnopolski 

The photo on the right shows a young man on the left, who I don't recognise, the Priest, who I believe is a very young looking Father Bystry and Jan's father Władisław known as Johnny.


Petworth Camp 1.jpg
Petworth Camp 2.jpg
On  The left is Władisław Czarnopolski, Jan's father. He was a very sociable chap and went off to London as a Croupier at an early age. He was the envy of most of us younger boys. A real Jack the Lad character.
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