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Krystyna Jones (nee Szczotka's) page.

Krystyna has provided some great pictures but she does not want personal information about her family posted on the internet. She has given permission for me to put the photos on our website with titles only. I have recognized some people so I can show them and name them without writing about her family. Please respect Krystyna's wishes and note the copyright statement on every page.

From left to right, Mr Dulas, Jozef Szczotka, Mrs Szczotka, Young girl not sure who she is but maybe Krystyna's elder sister Elzbieta, Mrs. Dulas and I am not sure who the chap on the right is. If you have any information to add such as names which i might have wrong you can contact me by email on the contacts page of this website.

This is Krystyna Szczotka's father

The children in the tin bath outside are the four Szczotka'children. I know Krystyna is on the right hand side and my guess is that Elzbieta is between their younger brothers who's names I don't have. Notice the Nissen Huts in the background.

This is Jozef Szczotka's Riley car, cant see inside but the girl on the running board is Krystyna Szczotka and the girl with one foot on the running board is her elder sister Elzbieta. Mr Szczotka often took my family out to see family friends before my Dad Jozef Starzec got his driving licence and his own vehicle. Mr Szczotka later changed his car for a Humber Hawk which was massive and meant that he could take more people on outings.

This photo was taken at the Corpus Christi celebrations at the camp in 1954.

Seated in front of the Altar from left to right is Janka Czarnopolska, Jozef Kopiec I think, they were later married. Next to Jozef I think is  is his mother Mrs Kopiec and on the right Mrs Czarnopolska Janka's mother. The photo of the clergy was from the same celebrations.

I can remember serving at the Altar in the Petworth Polish Camp Chapel holding round pieces of charcoal over a candle before putting them into the incense burners, and also mixing the wine and Holy water for the father who would hold it up in the air showing it to the congregation before drinking it. Ryszard Starzec.

Photo below.

This is a wedding at the Polish Camp, Krystyna is sure that the name of the family who's wedding it is, is Kortkowska, Krystynas family are all in there somewhere.


If you can identify any other people please let me know by email on the contacts page initially and I will get back to you via email.

This photo shows cyclists (unidentified) with huts in the background.

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