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Ryszard Teszner Story AKA Richard
Ryszard's family spent some time in Camp 3 in Petworth after being transferred from Camp 1 and eventually emigrated to the City of Philadelphia, state of Pennsylvania. The section of the city was called Port Richmond, it was an ethnic community and still has many Polish stores and residents living there. He currently lives in Langhorne Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia. Here is his message followed by some photos and explanation text. Hopefully Ryszard will be able to send us more text to describe how their lives changed when they arrived in the USA.
I'm following up on an email you received from Bogdan Struzik, he mentioned me and my brother Hank (Henry) in that e-mail. 
My dad (Adam Teszner) was also in the Polish Army, under British command, was in Italy at Monte Casino.  My mother, Irene Teszner (nee Skorupka) was a farm girl in Poland, was forced off the farm when the Germans invaded and eventually made her way to England.  She met my dad at the resettlement camp, got married and had three boys there.  In March of 1955 they left England for the USA, where they had a fourth son.
Picture one and two show my identity card (last name misspelled).  I was born in Dec on 1947, it shows that in Jan of 1948 we moved from Petworth Camp #1 to Camp #3 Petworth Sussex. 

Picture 3 shows my dad still in uniform walking in the camp. Picture 4 shows me, my mom, dad and godfather, in the suit, at the camp.


Picture #5 shows my mom, a godmother at a Christening.  I believe we had hut at the camp that served as a church with a priest that lived there.

I was 8 when we left England. I recall going to school in Petworth and many pleasant memories while living in the Camp.

Best Wishes to you all, I plan to visit your web site regularly.

Richard Teszner

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