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This page is for new contacts that have been made as a result of our website being found by internet browsers. It is hoped that these visitors will become contributors when they have sent some information for me to put up, but in the meantime their messages make interesting reading so I hope that you enjoy them and join me in encouraging them to supply valuable data to enhance our website. I would like anyone who has any comments to send me a message through the CONTACT US page. All your comments will be treated as confidential until you give me permission to make them public. Also I am sending out email message when new content has been published, if you want to be added to the copy list let me know. On the other hand if you want to be removed from the copy list tell me and I will do that. In future I will copy all in BCC so that your email addresses are not inadvertently given out to all and sundry.

Best regards Ryszard Starzec.

This thread was started by Jan Czarnopolski on the 5th of February. It should be read from the bottom as the responses are always on top.

Hi Jan

Thanks for the message, I look forward to getting photos from you, you can either send or meet up and lend them to me. I need to scan them with high resolution and of course I will look after them and guarantee that they will not be damaged, or you can scan then in 1200 dpi. And email them to me.


Yes I have a brother Tadeusz living in Plaistow and I try to get to see him once a week. My wife and I know Ann really well and she told me about your visit and how you explained who you were. I must say that I thought she was talking about your dad because I didn’t know that he had passed away.


Thank you for letting me use your messages on the website, I’m not sure exactly how I will present them yet, but I will use them.

I know about Halina but have not seen her for a long time. I know that my brother keeps in touch with Joe Kopiec Halina’s half-brother and I think he has mentioned the website to him.

I am interested that you found our website by looking in Companies House, I have been trying to make it visible through Google, so that is working well.

 I have posted information on my Facebook page have a look but so far I have not had much feedback from it.

I am glad like my website, my ultimate aim is to get Petworth House to adopt it because if I die it will fizzle out, and I want it to be there for time immemorial. For any of our relatives and the residents of Petworth.



Best regards


Ryszard Starzec

Ryszard, I forgot to ask, do you still have family in Plaistow?


On 6 February 2018 at 11:28, Jan Czarnopolski wrote:

Hi Ryszard, I was searching my name as was trying to locate something in Companies House and your website came up.
Your memory serves you well, yes my father was a croupier. I think I remember The Bush Inn when I was a child, when I used to visit in the 60's.

By all means use my message, I honestly hope your page attracts others to share memories. I obviously wasn't there but it's fantastic to see and hear from people that shared time with my family.
That isn't my dad in the picture, I think you are right it's Jozef, my aunties husband. I do have pictures and I will go through them to see if any are relevant to your site. What I have I will send over to you.

Have you tried a FaceBook page linked to the website? again, I am sure this would attract others, especially people who have emigrated. I have told my sister and will tell my cousin Halina (Janka's daughter)

I still visit Plaistow on a regular basis, I do love it there and very fond memories, I also pop into the Sun Inn to see Ann, and am thinking of moving to Dunsfold in the future.
Again, may I say what a fantastic site.


Kind regards



On 5 February 2018 at 09:58, Ryszard Starzec  wrote:

Dear Jan


Thank you for your nice message, I would be interested in how you found the website. I knew your father very well, he was a great guy. I recall that he worked as a croupier in casinos in London. I have some great memories of him when he used to come back to Plaistow. I worked in the Bush Inn where he used to enjoy a drink with us all.

I am going to add you to our mail list so that you will be updated every time there is a new entry. One of the things we are looking at just now is to have a page on the website where I can display messages such as yours. The website is very new and stated in August 2017 and we want to interact with the residents of Petworth and as I said in the Home page of the website we want any information we can get and most important we need any photos that you can share with us. Also can you give me permission to put your message on the website, it will encourage other casual visitors to get in touch with me with their information.

Are you saying that your Dad (Wladyslaw) is the man in the attached photo, because I have stated that it is Jozef Kopiec who was married to Janka. Please have a look and let me know if I have got all the names correct or not.


Best regards


Ryszard Starzec

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o    Your name Jan Czarnopolski

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o    Message Hi there I don't know if you are still accepting e-mails, unsure how old this page is. My grandparents were at this camp. I have seen in one of your picture (in front of altar) my Auntie (Janka) and my Grandmother (Zofia). My Grandfather (Jozef) and father was also there (Wladyslaw) . Just to keep you informed, They have all unfortunately passed, my father was only 46. My Grandpaents and Janka moved to a village Plaistow not to far from Petworth, my father moved to London when he was a teenager where I still am. I also recognise Starzec who also lived in Plaistow. I also met a lady who lived in my road in London, when I told her my name she got very excited, she was at the camp with my Grandparents, and hadn't seen or heard from them since leaving. Her name was Sofia, I can't remember her surname, if you would like I can find out, unfortunately she also passed 5 years ago. Lovely site, thank you. Kindest wishes Jan

·         Sent on: 5 February, 2018

·         Thank you!

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